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Siblings are like fruits of the same tree, same branch and same cluster. They have many common features and ways which many might not always notice. Siblings are like meant for each other and they should understand that they should be there for each other in each other’s needs and wants. Thus what we should avoid is ‘sibling fights’

The phrase ‘No sibling fights’ could be kept next only to impossible for, there are no families that hadn’t had sibling fights. Though normal, you should say ‘no’ to those as mom because if it would continue for ages, kids might get the idea of winning over the sibling inculcated within them which would lead to weak sibling relationships ultimately and as mom, that’s the last thing you want, isn’t that so?

Some say that when siblings fight, they happen to get closer and share moments together but we should also know that there are kind of people who draw away from each other with the circle of time due to the little tender leaf of disagreement that arise due to sibling fights.

But siblings fights may cause them to move away from each other due to particular reasons. Though it seems like a common deed among many families, there are also ones with no sibling fights which we should admire.

From the start we should inculcate the idea that siblings are meant not to fight, but to be together always till the end of time. Thus do not approve of sibling fights as aprents.

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