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How to Promote your Web Site? How To Increase No of Visitors for your Site? Its easy
How to Promote your Web Site? How To Increase No of Visitors for your Site? How to earn more money from your website (How to increase your Google Adsense, Adbrite or Chithika Ads income?) Its very easy.

After you finish & upload to web server your web site your have to make popular your web site in internet. To make popular your website in internet you can do lot of things. To keep visitors with your website continually you must have to update your web site with useful contents. Otherwise once or twice visitors come they will not come again to your website being there are no any new things to see. So please update with your web site or blog every time to keep your current visitors continually with your web site.

To promote your website (popular) you can do several things

First you have to submit your web site to Sear Engine. It mean you have to introduce your website to search engine. Mainly At least your have to submit your website Google & yahoo. Those are the very popular Search Engine in the world. Also you can submit your website to other search engine also if you like. by click on this link you can submit your website to Google

Secondly if you able to spend money to promote your website you can advertise about your website on other website such as Google, Yahoo, facebook etc.

U can promote your web site by mail also. Although people doing this method. I will not recommended it. If you have a E-mail address you can mention about your website in Signature. Then when you send a mail the signature also delivered to recipient.

Also you can create some beautiful creation such as animation or picture and you can mention your website address on that creation and spread those using mail, Forum, Online community (such as, etc)

If you have any problem please post Here

Good Article. I agree. Although you spend lot of money to promote your website it will useless and it will increase your no of visitors temporally. If you want keep visitor with you continually you much update your web site with new content every time you can. At least you must update your web site every day to keep your website with good traffic.

General things about website promoting. But that is good for the beginners to learn.
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